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Bedroom Stylish Design

Besides cabinets for kitchen, some bedroom wardrobes, TV cabinets or even bathroom cabinets for your house, there are more that you can do to enhance your lifestyle. First and foremost, you don’t have to let a wall in your home in Malaysia look drab because there isn’t anything of note on it. You can change a wall in a room in order to add some depth and detail into a room of interest by having some wallpaper. What’s more interesting? The latest trend for interior decoration is to have spectacular 3D wall panels.

3D wall panels offer an impressive and stunning experience for a luxurious and elegant lifestyle, especially when it is combined with creative lightings. 3D wall panels are mainly made from Middle Density Fibre Board (MDF) or High Density Fibre Board (HDF), which can be installed anywhere, such as TV cabinet background, cabinet doors, built-in bed frame with wall features, wall covering, and even exhibition shelves. From wavy design to brick design, your home will be totally transformed! What is more? Decorative grille panels can also serve as partitions while creating a magnificent environment.

Having a display cabinet is one of the great ideas for home decoration. The stylish display cabinet itself could be a decoration itself, coupled with the décor items, 3D wall panels as well as lighting that will create the “WOW” effect to your home living. Another tip for keeping your stuff organized is that you can build in hidden storage cabinets within your wall panels. This would save additional space for a separate storage cabinet while having creative 3D wall panels!

Renovation for a house would be incomplete without study desks and book racks. As education become more important nowadays, most parents would agree that having a conducive workstation or study desk is very important to nurture their children to enjoy studying. Besides being functional and practical, a well-designed workstation can also stimulate the children’s creativity. Pairing the study desk with creative bookshelves on the wall will also facilitate your children to be able to organize their books systematically.

Another area that you might want to consider for your house renovation, is the altar area. From modern-coloured glass altars to classic China wooden altar tables, you can have a custom made altar area made to your preference! On top of that, you can also have a shoe cabinet for your house if you are a shoe lover!

There are many possibilities of getting your house transformed to enjoy stylish and luxurious living at an affordable cost. Contact us now to find out more on home remodeling within budget!

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