Bathroom Design Malaysia

More often than not, many homeowners have neglected the need to renovate their bathroom. This is because they thought the time spent in the bathroom is always very minimal compared to other sectors of the house. However, it ought to be realized that the bathroom is one of the most important places to be renovated as this comfort station is a place where you unwind after a tiring day daily in that area.

There are a few options you can consider when renovating your bathroom. First and foremost, to make the ambience of your bathroom relaxing, the design of your walls and lighting will be important. There are various bathroom tiles that are available off-the-shelves market. However, to only have one type of tiles in your restroom will make it dull and unanimated. You can consider having different designs of bathroom tiles on different sides of your bathroom. You might also want to consider having marble-designed tiles for your bathroom. This will remodel your bathroom to be elegant. 3D wall panels could be one of your choice to make your washroom lively.

Lighting is one of the main factors that creates the relaxing ambience to your washroom. You can have various designs of wall lighting at both sides of your mirror, or you can opt to have lighting hidden behind your bathroom mirror. Wall lighting can be used to create a classic design for your bathroom, while having lighting coming from the back of the mirror creates a more modern design. Adequate lighting with magnifying mirror will be very useful especially for the lady users of the restroom.

Next, you might want to consider having a built-in bathroom cabinet right below your hand basin. With all the design and ambience that you are trying to create, you would not like the water pipes of your basin to look crude. Not only can you design your bathroom cabinets to your style, a custom-made bathroom cabinet can cater to your needs of storing your toiletries while keep your water pipes unseen. Do take note that bathroom cabinets should be done using solid wood as it must be water-resistant due to the high exposure to water all day long.

Other possibilities to enhance your bathroom ambience include installing a bathtub, having a featured wall or even just a glass wall to separate your bathtub or shower bath area with your water closet. A wider mirror will also enhance the space of your bathroom. There are a number of ways to transform your bathroom. Let your imagination flows now and we shall bring it to reality!

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