Contemporary Design Kitchen Cabinets Malaysia

Contemporary Dry Kitchen Design

Many people confused between modern design and contemporary design and it is used interchangeably. However, contemporary and modern are not synonyms. Contemporary refers to current trends while Modern refers to styles which followed the Industrial Revolution. Though they share the same characteristic of lines and angles, emphasizes on whites, grays, and solids, as well as minimalist, contemporary style is more flexible and encompasses elements of several design styles. Modern design, on the other hand, is fairly distinct and rules-driven.

Other than the kitchen cabinet itself, combination of rounded chair backs, shiny surfaces, distinct colour choices, stacked tile backslash, and dominant rectangular theme can also create a contemporary style. Colours used are normally natural and neutral, with a blend of sharp angles and rounded corners creates perfect contemporary style. Glass backsplash combined wtih unadorned high-gloss surfaces and metallic accents also creates a sleek and ultra-clean contemporary look.

There is no single element or feature that can make your kitchen contemporary. It is simply integrating elements that are not contemporary at all and break all rules. Contemporary is simply just  a combination of many design features drawn from the past, while still integrating the best design features of today.

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