Renovation Tips Malaysia

Although home renovation is done only once in a couple of years, it is indeed a big investment. We believe that you would want the best out of the time and money that you are investing. Here are some tips, guidance and handbooks to ensure that you, at least, have the basic knowledge to know how to go about renovating and remodeling your house, as well as knowing what you are paying for.

Considerations in Engaging Interior Designers & Contractors

Interior Designer MalaysiaWhy you might need one

What to Look Out for when choosing an Interior Contractor


General Knowledge on Materials Used in Carpentry

Types of Wood used for Furniture

Kitchen Cabinets Wood Choices – basic knowledge

Basic Knowledge on Formica, Veneer & Acrylic


Tips for Home Renovation

How to Save Money for Home Remodeling

Tips for Green Home Renovation


Tips for Kitchen Remodelling

Tips for Kitchen Remodeling suitable in Malaysia

Comparison Chart for Different Types of Counter-tops



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