Tips for Green Home Renovation

Today, the way most people look at home renovation has drastically changed. With growing awareness about the safety of Mother Nature, pocket friendly green changes have replaced expensive upgrades. All thanks to phrases like “sustainable lifestyles”, “green building” and “energy efficient houses” that are constantly appearing in the construction and housing market. Green remodeling not only helps to improve the worth of your property but also increases its appeal in a cost effective way. If you are really keen to make your home smarter, then redesign it in a greener way. Listed below are some easy green home renovation tips that you can implement.

When it comes to saving energy, without interfering with the appeal of your house, the best thing you can do is replacing energy consuming household devices with the ones that use less energy. For instance, you can get the single paned doors and windows replaced with the ones which are double or triple paned. These would prevent loss of heat from the house and eventually, lower down your monthly utility bill. As per a recent survey, a home loses more than thirty percent of its heating and cooling through the windows. Thus, installing energy saving windows certainly makes sense.

You can buy new energy saving electrical appliances with energy star ratings on them. Cooking appliances, refrigerators and dishwashers are some of the biggest consumers of energy in a house. Thus, downsizing and replacing them with energy efficient rated appliances would be a smart move. Using wind turbines and solar panels for your energy needs is yet another wonderful option to cut back on the utility bills. While renovating your house, you can even reduce your carbon footprint by using sustainable or recycled building materials. Besides, insulating the roof with materials, like soy beans, old newspapers etc, and painting the walls with less or zero VOC paints are a few more ways to remodel your house in an eco friendly way.

You can even reduce your monthly electricity cost by making some smart environment friendly home renovations. For instance, by installing photovoltaic panels you can easily meet the power needs of your house. These panels catch sunlight and then convert it into the energy that can be easily used by the homeowners. Today, the expenses involved in water heating are also a major concern for the homeowners. By replacing the old and traditional water heating systems, with the ones which employ use of solar energy, you can considerably reduce your heating bills. You can even consider installing a rainwater tank on the roof of your house to get free water. If you live in an area where scarcity of water is a big issue, then rainwater harvesting technique can work wonders for you. The water collection tank does not need to be really fancy. The only thing you need to take care of is that it works efficiently. Each and every home renovation tip mentioned above would help you make your house environment friendly without costing you a fortune.

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