Types of Furniture Wood

Wood is certainly the most preferred option, among all the materials that are widely used for custom made furniture. Due to its high functionality, durability and aesthetic appeal most people prefer wooden furniture over other options. It is advisable to get complete information about various types of wood used in furniture to make a well informed decision.

Some of the most prominent types of wood are Solid Wood, Plywood, Chipboard and MDF or Medium-density fiberboard.

Solid Wood does not have any hollow spaces and is a very good choice for making furniture. This type of wood is actually made from same types of natural wood, without combining any other material, such as particle board or plywood. Although a bit expensive, these types of woods are fire resistant as well and all types of scratches, dents, stains, water marks etc can be easily repaired. It is these qualities, along with durability and low maintenance, which add to the popularity of solid wood, making it such a good option for furniture and flooring.

Plywood is very commonly used in various household items. It is obtained by combining thin layers of wood, either hardwood or softwood, with the help of an adhesive. The layers are always in odd numbers, with alternated grain direction, which makes this wood so strong. It has fine dimensional stability especially under different moisture conditions. Apart from these qualities, plywood is very stable and strong. Due to its high strength, plywood is preferred more as compared to chipboard and is used extensively for making furniture, case backs, door panels, drawer bottoms etc.

Chipboard, also known as melamine board, is manufactured by combining wood particles under pressure and heat, with the help of an adhesive. The final product is a type of rigid board, having a smooth surface. The density of chipboards can vary from normal and medium to high density. While normal density chipboard is soft, the high-density boards are solid. The medium density chipboards are someplace in between these two.

Another type is MDF or Medium-density fiberboard. It is a type of wood substitute, made from the fibers of fine wood, along with a resin and then bonded under pressure and heat. As compared to hardboards, this type of wood is manufactured at lower temperature by using the dry process. It is also used as a substitute for chipboard or plywood. MDF is dense, stiff, flat, and can be easily machined. The smooth surface of this type of wood can become more prominent with paint, thus giving your furniture a clean finish.

Furniture is an integral part of any residential or commercial setting and is used for a number of purposes. Thus, the type of wood you choose should be durable, easy to maintain and appealing at the same time, to lend a unique and attractive touch to your furniture.

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