Quartz Kitchen Counter Top

Ice Snow Quartz Countertop

Quartz is one of the hardest natural mineral. Quartz stones are basically engineered stones which are composed of approximately 95% quartz particles and the binders make up the rest of the stone. Once the quartz has been mined, it’s added into an aggregated mix where the quartz crystals are combined with liquid resin as well as colorants into slurry.

Quartz is one of the most scratch resistant natural minerals available and its surface is non porous, making it safe and hygienic for food preparation environment which is easy to clean and maintain. Quartz counter top comes in a range of different colors and designs to cater for different personality and preference of wide consumers.

Wiping stains from a quartz stone surface is much easier compared to wiping stains from a granite kitchen top, which makes it a much more desirable choice for kitchen tops. All you need is some warm water, mild dish soap and some sponges to clean a quartz stone table top and keep them looking their best. On top of that, Quartz Stone kitchen tops do not need to be waxed or sealed and can last for a very long time.

Quartz kitchen top is more heat resistant than other stone surfaces such as granite and marble. It is not affected by temperatures lower than 150 degree Celcius. However, similarly to all stone materials, Quartz stone surfaces can be damaged by sudden and rapid change of temperature. Therefore, it is suggested that hot pad or trivet to be placed on the surfaces under cooking units (e.g. crock pots, roaster ovens) and hot pots and pans.

Like any other surfaces, Quartz stone can be damaged if exposed to strong chemicals and solvents such as Trichlorethane or Methylene chloride, highly aggressive cleaning agents that have high alkaline levels (pH 8.5 and higher). If the kitchen top is exposed to any of the products mentioned above, rinse the kitchen top with clean water immediately. If needed, use non-abrasive household cleaners will be sufficient as these will not dull the surface shine.

However, Quartz kitchen counter top is one of the highest range options. Generally it is more expensive than granite, but nonetheless, it’s still worth the price.

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